You can now stream videos inside emails from your Gmail account

Google announced yesterday an innovation feature for Gmail. Many desktop users will find the feature useful and easy for viewing any videos sent as email attachment.

Initially, if you received a video email attachment in your Gmail account and want to watch it, firstly, you had to click on the video and have it download to your PC's hard drive and view it with a media player. However, going by the new update simply takes off that condition of a "third-party". Henceforth, when you see a video email attachment, you'll now see a thumbnail feature, once you click it, the video automatically streams to you without the need to download it or use a media player.

Google points out that this Gmail desktop update for video also uses similar infrastructure that it builds for streaming YouTube videos, including any type of video clips backed up on Google Drive. While the update is already rolled out, users associated with Gmail desktop will have to wait for up to 15 days for the new video streaming feature to go live.

Source: [Android Authority]

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