Google to shutdown Spaces on April 17

Google to shutdown Spaces on April 17
Google Inc is steadily making its word true on a new application. Recall, last year May, at the Google I/O event, the company announced an application called Spaces. The app features a minimalistic interface which contains varieties of tiles in different colors, giving a nice look. The main purpose of the app was to give small groups of invited people (especially developers) deliberate on diverse topics. Space actually allow users to add extra content to the chat, like images and YouTube videos.

However, John Kilcline at Google recently said via Google+ post, “they will kill Spaces.” 
“We have decided to take what we learned with Spaces, and apply it to our existing products.” Although, there was no confirmation on the products or applications to the direction of this information but it might be Google Allo. Well, by March 3rd you will be unable to send any more messages instead, it will results into a read-only-mode while April 17, has been scheduled to witness the shutdown of Spaces.

Source: [John Kilcline Google+]

Via: [Android Central]

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